Alldive Ltd. operates on a 24-hour service basis, and prides itself in being on the job in the shortest possible time, be it night or day, in harbour or outside harbour.

Alldive's services include:
  • In-Water surveys for sales purposes or in lieu of dry docking
  • Underwater emergency repairs such as clearing fouled propellers using underwater oxy arc and a variety of hydraulic tools
  • Blanking of sea-chests
  • Underwater welding
  • Propeller polishing and repairs
  • Hull cleaning
  • CCTV with diver-to surface communication
  • Salvage - Capable of lifting 80tons using lifting bags of 200kgs, 500kgs, 1000kgs, and 2000kgs
  • Buoying systems
  • Visual surveys of other marine installations including bunkering dolphins, deep water quays and sub marine pipelines
  • New Side Scan Sonar Images for bottom surveys (fish farms, jettys, lost / recovery of anchors)

All surveys are recorded on video / DVD and are accompanied by still coloured photos and a fully detailed written report

The company has also invested in new state of the art equipment in order to retain its high and competent technical diving works.
Alldive has a full range of hydraulic hand tools which include:
  • Hydraulic underwater drilling
  • Hydraulic underwater cutting
  • Hydraulic underwater grinding
  • Hydraulic underwater polishers
  • Hydraulic underwater chain saws
  • Hydraulic underwater cut off saws
  • Hydraulic underwater jiggers
  • Ultrasonic thickness measurements
  • A vast range of diamond discs for super propeller polishing

Alldive's reputation and excellent track record were paramount in enabling the company to take is expertise abroad such as to Yemen, Libya, and Tunisia.

Since 2001 Alldive Ltd. have also been under contract with ENI Libya to carry out underwater surveys on its offshore installations in Libyan waters.

Alldive's vision is to supply its clients with cost-effective solutions to their marine needs, and thus believe in improving and upgrading their services and tools as times change.
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